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Gantt panel takes places at the home page of DrawGantt. As you enter DrawGantt web site you can directly start to work. We want to develop DrawGantt as much as possible user friendly. With user friendly interface you can begin to draw gantt charts and schedule your projects intuitively. While working you can visit other pages of DrawGantt without any data lose. But when you close internet browser window, gantt data will be lost.

DrawGantt mainly comprises three section:

  • “Title and task management panel” contains task controls and task list. You can add, delete or manage tasks in the project by task controls.
  • “Gantt panel” is graphical part of gantt chart represents project timing.
  • “Settings panel” contains work days definitions, some display and calculation settings.


Gantt chart is generated simultaneously while you work on your project. You can export your gantt diagram by clicking “Download Chart” button. When you download gantt chart, title panel and gantt chart panel combined in an image file in png format.


Click to red colored plus button to add new task in title and task management panel. Following data must be entered in new task window:

  • Task Name: When you leave blank it will be displayed “Enter Title” in gantt diagram.
  • Start Date: The date of task starts.
  • Finish Date: The date of task finishes.
  • Task Completion Rate (%): If you want to illustrate completion rate of task in gantt table you can set completion rate percentage.
  • 5. Task Level: A task can include other tasks according to their task levels. Lower level tasks covers next high level tasks. Coverage continues to until lower level task.
  • Set Auto checkbox: If you want auto calculate a data or set null, you can check “Set Auto” control.


You can manage each task by task control panel and add new tasks to between tasks. If you want to add a new task top of a task click to red plus button. The second and third button increase and decrease level of task. You can edit task with the fourth button. The fifth button allow you to carry task any row. The last button allow you delete tasks. If you delete a task, it will be deleted permanently. You can’t bring back.


There is workdays and display setting in Setting panel. If you a change in setting panel gantt diagram will be calculated automatically according to new sets.

In settings panel you can define work days of week and you can show/hide columns and title numbers. You can display day names or day numbers in a month in gantt chart.


You can define coverage of task each other by task level. Lower level tasks covers next higher level tasks. Task coverage is illustrated by rectangle in gantt chart.


If dates, duration and completion rates(CMP column) emphasized red, it means mismatches between tasks and sub tasks. For example; if a sub task finish date exceed main task finish date, main task finish date emphasized red color.